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Dr. Rebecca Foster

In-Person Services

Dr Rebecca Foster is a professional clairvoyant medium of 36 years and a certified professional life coach. Her gift has enabled her to help thousands of individuals world-wide to overcome fear, pain, anxiety, loss,  suicidal issues and addiction. She helps people during private sessions, group galleries, and public speaking events and offers in-person, telehealth and phone appointments depending on client desire and comfort.


She receives information from God, Spirit guides, and those passed over with the intent of bringing comfort and guidance. She believes in whole energy healing comprised of Spirit, Mental, and Physical well-being. Dr Foster also provides medically intuitive readings to help individuals discover ailments and receive proper treatment.

Dr Foster is also a best-selling author of two books entitles The Beaches – A Journey of Answers and God, Please Tie My Shoes, both of which are available in-office or on Amazon.


Appointments are required and available Monday – Wednesday with In-Person on Mondays Only.

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