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Kelly McAndrews

Virtual Services

Kelly is an energy medicine specialist, licensed acupuncturist and Emotion Code practitioner. She helps people release underlying emotional stress and trauma to radically change their life. Her background in exercise science, nutrition, Chinese and Functional Medicine allows her to provide health and lifestyle coaching for consistent and lasting change.


She is incredibly passionate about using natural medicine and mind-body approaches to help people feel calm and grounded. Kelly conducts her sessions remotely working with people all over the world. If you are interested in letting go of stress, set up a free initial call.

Emotion Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson is an energy healing technique that can help identify and release trapped emotions. These are negative emotional energies from stressful past events that we were unable to process fully and became stuck in our subconscious. Trapped emotions held in the body may cause people to feel sad, anxious, stuck, fearful or even cause physical pain. By easily releasing these deeply

held emotions you make conditions optimal for the body to recover and restore to a healthier balanced state. As a result emotional difficulties often ease, disappear or are much more manageable. 


Emotion Code session can help with:


* Feelings of anxiety and depression

* Negative belief patterns (self- sabotage)

* Relationship challenges

* Chronic pain

* Chronic fatigue

* Childhood trauma

* Addictive behaviors

* Financial struggles

* Low self- esteem

*Lack of energy and motivation

* Sleep issues

* General health and wellbeing

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