Justine Henck

In-Person and Virtual Services

Justine has been a psychic medium since she was a child. Communicating with spirits and feeling spiritual energy was the first step on her spiritual journey. In 2019 tarot became very strong in her reality and began her YouTube Cosmic Lighthouse. Becoming open to this frequency, her spiritual gifts as a child began to make sense. Now Justine is a channeler for the divine. She uses the cards as a tool for divination and a guide to navigate the energy. She listens to the omens of the universes and shows others how to do the same.

Each readings give confirmation on the energy one is experiencing. Picks up on different frequencies to help individuals navigate this physical reality. Tarot is a way to communicate with the universe to gain clarity on our intuitive feelings. Justine works with her spirit team of archangels, different ascended masters and her ancestors. Each session is to help deeper ones consciousness, connect to their own spirit guides and raise their vibration.

  • Energy Check In: 30 min $66 - 1 hour $111

    • This is the most common service These are messages from the Spirit realm that clarify and confirm an individual's timeline.​

  • Shadow Work: 30 min $77

    • This reading is meant to trigger our ego. It allows us to see what we need to heal in our subconscious mind. It helps us rewire old programming and vibrate higher.​

  • Past Life: 1 hour $111

    • An individual must feel called to tap into the journey of this reading. We will tap into the last life and how the lessons carried over into this one.​


“Justine has given me many readings and is honestly one of the only people I trust my energy with. You can feel her pure intentions when you talk to her and a beautiful energy surrounds her. Don’t pass up a chance for a reading with her!” -Lindsey

“Justine was amazing! She warned me beforehand that she would say things that I probably already knew that needed confirmed, and she did just that! I needed exactly what I got from her and she absolutely delivered my messages clearly and explained in the most beautiful way. I will always trust her with my readings going forward!” - Skylar

“For over a year now, I have been entrusting Justine for my readings. Encouraging, eye- opening, and telling it like it is- she is my go-to for the messages I just can’t seem to, or am too stubborn to, figure out on my own. Fully this is what Justine is here to do. Every reading confirms signs from my guides, ancestors and Angels. I’m thankful for the clarity readings with Justine help provide.

The past life reading was a really intense experience that I’m so glad I had. In my opinion, it’s not the kind of reading to go into lightly or with just anyone. Justine handled an incredibly difficult and heavy reading amazingly (as I trusted she would). She delved into my most recent past life and ultimately, many things I was intuitively feeling prior to the reading were validated- and I learned even more. Justine and I discussed the dark parts, but also made the connections from my past life to my current life, which was truly beautiful. I still am processing it honestly, but I feel it was majorly helpful for confirming the kind of person I’m meant to be in this life. It also helped me to realize and understand my beliefs regarding soul evolution more.” - Mariah

“Justine has done a couple of readings for me now over the last year or so, and every time they are so unbelievably accurate and the signs that I am shown are so affirmed by the universe in the days leading up and prior to the reading, it's mind blowing. It is incredible to feel her energy and connection to the divine when you're working with her. I've gone to Justine almost exclusively for all of my readings, she is the only one I go to for tough subjects, and I love that through spiritual practice we've become friends!” - Charlie