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3x4 Epigenetics Test & Coaching Packages

Epigenetics is taking the wellness world by storm. With a simple cheek swab, find unprecedented accuracy and personalized results using science to understand how your body responds to its environment,

down to a cellular level.


Your genes respond to your day-to-day choices of food, exercise, sleep, emotion, and so much more. Having your genes decoded gives you a custom wellness blueprint to optimize your unique DNA.

Get your very own personal answers on nutrition, exercise, sleep, sensitivities, supplements, detoxing, and more expedited with accuracy. Take the guessing out of your health journey and stop trying all the one size fits all fads. It's time to see real changes, feel better, and cut to the chase.

Pick from 1 of our 4 Epigenetics packages to jump start your health and wellness journey the right way. Take the guessing out of what is good for your body. Use your own personal blueprint to discover and apply what will bring your body and mental health to optimal functioning.

* Split payment plans available upon request

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Package 1

Purchase just the 3x4 test by itself. Once purchased, Carrie will put in your order. You will then receive your mouth swab test kit in the mail delivered directly to your house. Next, you will mail in your test kit. About 4 weeks later you will receive your results.

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Package 3

Package 3 includes a 3x4 Epigenetics test with 2 Coaching Sessions to go over your test results and map out a Wellness plan.

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Package 2

Package 2 includes a 3x4 Epigenetics test with 1 Coaching Session to go over your test results.

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Package 4

Package 4 includes a 3x4 Epigenetics test with 3 Coaching Sessions to go over your test results, a biopsychocoial assessment, and wellness treatment plan.

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